UW Unisex Set of 3 Printed 2-Ply Reusable Protective Outdoor Face Masks

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Set of 3 Reusable 2-Ply Protective Outdoor Face Masks
Pattern: Floral print

Important advice: Mask is supposed to be used for a limited time. If you wear it for a long time it may lead to less oxygen in the blood and brain and therefore you may feeling weak and dizziness


  • Pull it off when you are alone
  • Do not use it at home
  • Only use it in a crowded place and when in close contact with another persons 
  • Reduce the use of it while isolating yourself most times
  • Keep two mask with you always change the make every 4 -5 hours do not use the mark for longer time.

Material & Care

Wash mask with soap and water after every use.
Iron the mask after every wash for a proper fit, do not iron on the elastic loop.


Adjustable - Yes
Fastening - Elasticated
Filtration - Unvalved
Foldable - Yes
Mask Type - Cloth Mask
Material - Cotton
Multipack Set - 3
Package Content - Mask
Reusable - Yes

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